PRESS RELEASE 12/10/2022

SalesFreaks Retail acquired by Caring Fieldmarketing, a leading fieldmarketing agency in the Netherlands.


SalesFreaks Retail, the promotional activities branch of the SalesFreaks Group, will be integrated completely into Caring Fieldmarketing under the name Caring powered by SalesFreaks Retail.

In addition, the Recruitment for retail store employees, as well as outsourcing within the existing promotional accounts, will also be handled by Caring.

“The expansion of the promotional services fits within Caring’s strategy,” says CEO Rick den Boggende of Caring. “The DNA of SalesFreaks Retail and Caring are a good match and the acquisition also increases our footprint in the Consumer Electronics market’.

‘Together with Caring, further growth and value can be created with these business units ,’ says operational director Martijn Bruintjes of SalesFreaks Retail. “In our market, effectiveness, capabilities and the size of the organization are increasingly important, and we are convinced that by integrating our services within Caring we can realize growth faster.

The business unit Promotions will remain situated in Rotterdam. Martijn Bruintjes will take care of the complete integration, expansion and professionalization.

Mario van Lemmen, CEO SalesFreaks Group, will support the commercial activities during the transfer.

SalesFreaks Group, will continue independently with the 2 remaining branches from the Amsterdam office:

  • Multi-Vendor Merchandising (SalesFreaks Merchandising)
  • Recruitment, Secondment of Sales and Marketing Professionals in the mid and higher segment (SalesFreaks Executive)



Caring Fieldmarketing is a full-service fieldmarketing agency and already for 30 years specializing in deploying flexible field teams for Merchandising, Sales and Shopper Activation.


Contact: Rick den Boggende

Mobile: +31 61161 2222


Adress: Molenvliet 17, 3961 MT Wijk bij Duurstede, NL



SalesFreaks Group is specialized in recruitment and secondment of Sales & Marketing Professionals.

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